Data protection

Our data protection team, made up of experienced lawyers and business economists, supports you by taking on assignments as external data protection officers, providing data protection advice on a case-by-case basis, training your employees, but also acting as a coach and sparring partner for your data protection officer.

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Company and investment finance

Whether it’s corporate financing, project financing, investment financing, construction financing, financing restructuring or transaction financing, we advise and support you in a targeted way with planning and evaluating your investment and financing strategies, selecting suitable financing instruments and negotiating interest-optimised and needs-based financing with banks and credit institutions.

M&A and company valuation

Company acquisitions and company sales require interdisciplinary support and consulting. In the context of a company valuation, we determine objective company values and ranges and are therefore the interface to legal advice in the area of mergers & acquisitions as well as company succession.

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HR services/personnel consulting

Our specialised HR team supports you in all phases of establishing, implementing and, if necessary, terminating employment relationships, starting with the search for personnel, through to dossier management and taking on all functions of a modern HR department. And always in close coordination with our employment law lawyers and payroll accounting colleagues, of course.

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Planning and controlling

Our specialised team made up of business economists and economists supports you with modern planning tools in deriving objectives from your visions and developing milestones, recommendations and actions from them. Together we create one-year and multiple-year business plans and integrated revenue plans, liquidity plans, budgeted balance sheets and scenario analyses and provide support in evaluating the results, draw attention to weak points and see ourselves as “guides” to help you achieve your goals.

Organisational consulting

Having a well-functioning organisation in the long term requires structures and specifications which guide everyone who is involved. At the same time, you should protect standards that you have reached and established in such a way that they are guaranteed in the future too and further developments can build on them. We support you in optimising and documenting your processes, coach you in the further development of your corporate structure and carry out organisation and quality audits (first-party audits).

Property analysis and property management

Our specialist advisers support you with investment decisions relating to real estate, including the present value-oriented analysis of alternative real estate options and alternative investments, long-term calculations of overall return on investment, investment and liquidity planning and the active management of your property administration. In the run-up to your real estate projects and during implementation. Thanks to our interdisciplinary approach, your individual #legal and #tax situations are always included in this process.

Start-up consulting

Usually, the decisive course which determines success or otherwise has already been set before the company is actually established and in the earlier foundation phase. Discuss your ideas with us! We offer you support with management, business planning, bank meetings, sales, marketing, organisation and financial accounting. When it comes to legal and tax issues, you benefit from the close integration of the specialist areas of Law and Tax at our law group.