Accounting is digital. This starts with online banking access for our clients and ranges from the digital transmission of customer invoices from the accounts receivable list and uploading incoming invoices as a scan or raw data record from the supplier to the electronic exchange of all payroll and cash register data. We support you in project realisation together with your IT department or your IT consultant and provide you with numerous programme modules.

Payroll accounting

We provide you with your employees’ pay slips online via our payroll portal. At the same time, your employees can conveniently and securely access all pay documents in their personal employee portal and benefit from these being permanently available. Very convenient via any up-to-date browser or mobile via an iOS or Android app.

Personal income tax

The tax authorities ask you to submit your tax return once a year. In preparation, all relevant documents can be neatly collected and stored throughout the year or you can conveniently digitise your documents whenever they arrive via your smartphone or tablet using our OneClick app and archive them digitally on our servers. This puts an end to you searching for documents in the new year and your receipts, together with the tax documents we have created, are permanently available to you in electronic form.

Data security

You can rely on us! In electronic communication with you, all emails are sent on the basis of current TLS transport encryption (transport layer security) using a secure encryption method (currently AES-256, for example). When exchanging sensitive content, we also offer you end-to-end encryption using the S/MIME standard. And, when using our portals and website, you can, of course, also rely on the connection being encrypted (currently TLS 1.2 with AES-128 on our website and TLS 1.3 with AES-256 on our data protection blog, for example).

Online files

Our ‘OnlineFile’ system allows you to use a secure communication platform for encrypted exchange with our lawyers, through which information and files can be exchanged more easily and quickly in real time. This means that you can access your documents and contracts or provide us with data and information at any time outside our firm’s opening hours. Convenient via your desktop PC or on the go via your tablet or smartphone.

Data protection

Digital business models not only require technical skill, but also security and protection concepts that users trust. The European General Data Protection Regulation came into effect in 2018, with the requirement of ensuring a high level of data protection in the face of rapid technological developments (Recital 6 of the GDPR). We advise and support you in a knowledgeable way and reconcile technical IT requirements and legal requirements when implementing data protection solutions.

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IT law

IT projects have considerable commercial significance, both for clients and contractors. All players interacting smoothly is therefore of great importance. Our lawyers advise you on all matters relating to information technology law and your IT projects. From drafting contracts, through to legal support for contract negotiations and any subsequent contract developments to legal representation, both outside court and in court, in IT disputes.

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