Property analysis and property management

Our specialist advisers support you with investment decisions relating to real estate, the present value-oriented analysis of alternative real estate options and alternative investments, long-term calculations of overall return on investment, investment and liquidity planning and the active management of your property administration. In the run-up to your real estate projects and during implementation. Thanks to our interdisciplinary approach, your individual #legal and #tax situations are always included in this.

Company succession planning

Tradition, responsibility, continuity... searching for a successor to a family business is about more than just numbers. It is about introducing family members to entrepreneurial responsibility and eventually transferring company assets to the next generation in the best way possible. Corporate law, inheritance law and tax law considerations are closely intertwined.

Inheritance law

On the basis of our wide range of expertise as lawyers and as tax consultants, we advise you on transferring your company assets both while you are alive (#company succession) and in the event of your death (inheritance.) Structures must make economic sense here, as well as making full use of any tax avoidance options available. One of the goals is to secure the company’s continued existence for the future.