Corporate and transformation law

By your side, from establishing the company to succession planning. What legal form/company structure best suits your company’s current situation? How can tax be optimised through your choice of legal form or restructuring? We always see corporate law advice as a combination of legal, tax and commercial aspects. We provide advice for your project from the idea through to completion.

Commercial and contract law

Well-planned and clear contracts prevent conflicts. You should not be satisfied with the standard approach to business life. We design contracts based on your individual requirements. Our many years of experience in a wide range of industries and in national and international contract law help us to do so. If conflicts nevertheless occur, we also represent our clients in the case but we encourage mutually agreed and straightforward solutions too.

Company succession planning

Tradition, responsibility, continuity... searching for a successor to a family business is about more than just numbers. It is about introducing family members to entrepreneurial responsibility and eventually transferring company assets to the next generation in the best way possible. Corporate law, inheritance law and tax law considerations are closely intertwined.

Mergers & acquisitions

Company acquisitions and company sales require interdisciplinary support and consulting. When it comes to company acquisitions, our three corporate divisions of Law, Tax and Consulting work closely together, develop a tax-optimised structure, design and support due diligence checks on the buyer’s side or support checks on the seller’s side and moderate the entire negotiation process.

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Tax law and criminal tax law

In tax law, our tax lawyers and tax consultants support you with the best tax structure for you and your company and help to identify and avoid tax risks. In criminal tax law, our certified criminal tax law consultants take care of you and support you with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome for you.

Inheritance law

On the basis of our wide range of expertise as lawyers and as tax consultants, we advise you on transferring your company assets both while you are alive (company succession) and in the event of your death (inheritance). Structures must make economic sense here, as well as making full use of any tax avoidance options available. One of the goals is to secure the company’s continued existence for the future.

Employment law

The rapidly changing requirements of employment law always require current contracts that are adapted to the latest case law. As well as providing sound legal advice, this also includes business experience, developing contract management in HR management, mediating between employers, employees and, if applicable, their representatives, as well as mediating for and representing companies in legal disputes with employees.

IT law

IT projects have considerable commercial significance, both for clients and contractors, and therefore require comprehensive legal support and advice in all project phases. Agile development teams, short project cycles and highly mobile working models require flexible legal advice with industry experience nowadays.

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Legal advice for companies with cross-border interests

From our location in the international region around Lake Constance, we have been supporting and advising companies with cross-border business models on tax, legal and business matters for fifty years.

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Renewable energies

We advise energy suppliers, energy producers such as operators of biogas plants, wind and hydropower plants, thermal power plants, PV systems and bioenergy villages, as well as contractors and tradespeople, on legal arrangements in the field of renewable energies. From the choice of legal form for your project company to help with raising capital, through to drafting contracts with energy customers or securing property, we stay by your side as experienced legal advisers.

Medical law

Hardly any other area of business is so heavily regulated and yet also undergoing such radical change as the health sector. Collaboration of stakeholders is politically desirable and very important economically. The legal framework conditions are undergoing constant change. We have been providing advice to clinics and care homes, independent doctors and dentists, health centres and also other healthcare professions for many years.