Property consulting and property management

As a business-oriented tax consultancy and law firm, we and our specialist consultants offer you neutral, highly qualified advice in the run-up to your real estate projects and during implementation. From the #analysis of your investment idea to the tax-optimised, efficient procurement of investment capital to managing your property, we are there to help you.

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Family office

In terms of ongoing legal, commercial and tax support, our family office service supports you not only with financial, asset and estate planning, but also with managing your family assets, your accounting and payment management, as well as with asset management administration.

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Asset planning

With asset advice, we provide you with a current, complete financial status and asset status (financial statement), calculate your expected asset development and liquidity development and support you with recognising both opportunities and risks in your asset structure. This allows you to forecast the financial impact of your private plans and ideas over several decades with our specialist advisers.