Inheritance law

Our advice applies not only to civil law (wills/inheritance contracts), but also in particular to inheritance tax law or, in the case of the transfer of assets while you are still alive, gift tax law (e.g. transfer of property assets / company succession).

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Living will, health care proxy and power of attorney for care

Whether it’s an accident or a serious illness, you make your own decisions as to what should or should not be done when it comes to your property or company shares for situations in which it is impossible for you to make an independent decision or you determine who can decide what for you.

Renewable energies

Modern sources of energy are an area of interest for us. We support you in finding projects, choosing the right legal form, but also in the profitability calculation, help with finance and capital procurement and finding any funding programmes that may be suitable. We draw up and check contracts (e.g. for securing land, with project partners, with customers etc.), arrange protection for your trade marks or brand names and help you with legal disputes.

Contract law

Regardless of whether you want to have a legally watertight contract drawn up to avoid disputes in the future or whether you want to have a contract checked before it is concluded or notarised, to clear up any ambiguities for example, we will provide you with support and advice.

Marriage contracts/asset disputes

A marriage contract is not just an important structuring instrument for entrepreneurs to exclude the company and corporate profits generated during the marriage from the equal distribution of surplus. A marriage contract can also be important for couples with children from previous partnerships, to protect their own children first in the event of death, for example. Any change in matrimonial property status in a marriage contract can be used as a design tool to avoid gift taxes or to reduce a child’s entitlement to a compulsory portion.